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Client Care

  • To provide an effective and efficacious service to clients suffering from acute and chronic dysfunction of the musculo-skeletal or neurological system.
  • To foster high quality and goal oriented patient treatment through regular care assessment and examination of practice and utilization of resources of the clinic.
  • To provide clients with education and preventative tools to help manage their condition, gain functional independence, and improve on their quality of life both in the home and at work.
  • To use evidence based practice in designing and delivering patient treatment programs


  • To maintain competence and fulfillment as effective service providers within the community by fostering within the clinic a commitment to continuing education both as educators and learners.
  • To collaborate with students from other health care professions in their educational program.
  • To assume the responsibility of providing clinical education in collaboration with The School of Allied Health Sciences, Physiotherapy Department, University of Ghana for students in the Physiotherapy program.


  • To actively promote and engage in research activities aimed at enhancing services and practice through clinical and basic research in physiotherapy.
  • To collaborate with The School of Allied Health Sciences, Physiotherapy Department, and the physiotherapy community in Ghana in a meaningful clinical research related to musculo-skeletal or neurological medicine.

Limitations and Expectations

  • To transfer care of clients requiring rehabilitative services beyond the expertise and experience of the clinics staff to the appropriate service centre within the community.
  • To be prepared to provide consultative services to other service providers and the public within the community.

Directions for the Future

  • To collaborate and consult with the medical community and other service providers to promote the clinic and enhance services to members of the community.
  • To expand capabilities of managing clients with musculo-skeletal and neurological problems.
  • To investigate possible avenues for outsourcing services to homecare, football teams, work sites and other areas in the community.


  • To provide service which is accountable to the client, clients physician and third party payers.
  • To provide services in the most cost effective method within the clinics available resources.
  • To review clinics business and financial plan on an annual basis.